Year 9 Team building Day at Stubbers

May 17th 2022

Almost all year nine students participated in a team building day at Stubbers Adventure Centre, where they took part in caving, paddle boarding and high ropes. The staff were lucky to see some great displays of teamwork and encouragement - especially when a few people were scared of venturing out onto the high ropes course. 

The courses promoted teamwork and bonding through fun games like hide and seek in the caving system. Although, many of the students were preoccupied with seeking the ball pit in the cave so that became the most obvious hiding spot.

Miss Smith, Mr Knight and Miss Fallon were impressed by year nine due to their their incredible behaviour, willingness to try new things and their enthusiasm.

As well as being incredibly enjoyable, the day allowed students to develop essential transferable skills including risk taking and rising to a challenge.

Special credit goes to Emily who looked her English teacher in the eyes, said: "I like you Miss... sorry!" before proceeding to flip her paddle board and dump her into the freezing lake water - after being challenged to do so by our instructor.