Our School

The Kind of School We Want to Create

Learning for All

Students, all staff, parents and governors care about their own learning and make the effort to learn new things. We understand that learning develops the individual and for students maximises examination performance and therefore prospects for future economic well-being. Learning transforms our lives by giving us choices and opportunities we would not otherwise have. We enjoy and feel challenged in our learning. We understand what we need to do to improve and how we need to do this. We have the thinking skills to do this effectively and the research skills to find the knowledge we need. We also value the opportunity to share our knowledge, expertise and experiences and to learn from each other. Above all we understand that learning never ends.

Global Citizenship

We find ways to create opportunities to share our culture and our way of life with the wider community – locally, nationally and internationally. We understand, respect and value other people’s beliefs, values and feelings. We enjoy working with and learning from people from diverse backgrounds. We understand that we all have a common humanity and promote respect for this in all that we do, both within the school community and beyond.

Sense of Belonging

Our sense of belonging means we feel good about ourselves and our strengths whilst at the same time we recognise and address our limitations. It also means we feel good about those around us, respect and trust them and value their contributions. We feel safe in our community. This feeling encourages us to flourish and develop into positive, confident individuals capable of responding effectively to any setbacks and difficulties that we may encounter. We have a real sense of working together as one community that includes students, all staff, parents and governors.


We are reflective and evaluate what we do, how we do it and how well we are performing – this includes our conduct, our academic progress as well as our physical and mental health. As confident, safe and secure members of our community, we welcome and appreciate constructive feedback from others. This is because we understand that the purpose of reflection and self-evaluation is to improve ourselves, our personal health and our school.

A Positive Environment

We enjoy and treat with respect our environment which is safe, attractive in appearance and up-to-date in terms of resources and facilities. We enjoy an environment which helps learning and success. Student work is celebrated through lively and well-presented displays around the school that are regularly updated. When visitors come to our school they feel welcome and can sense the atmosphere of purpose, learning and consideration for others.