British Values

British Values/ SMSC and PSHE


We are given the opportunity to attend School Council meetings every half term, where we listen to everyone’s views, suggestions and answer any questions. In School Council we decide on proposals by voting, after discussing and debating the subject. During lessons, we are taught to respect other people’s opinions and to express our views peacefully. We are always encouraged to get involved whether it is volunteering, debates or other school events.


At the end of Year 10, all pupils at Gaynes can apply to become a Prefect. This role strengthens our sense of right and wrong, and also helps younger students to follow the school rules. We are all aware of the school rules because they are in the planner, on posters around the school, and even in classrooms. We know that the rules protect ourselves and our learning, because only the people who break them are sanctioned.



We have had many assemblies that remind us how our decisions affect our own lives, and that we are responsible for our own behaviour. We have a group of Peer Listeners within the school, who offer advice and help prevent bullying. Peer listening promotes self-esteem and confidence, supporting others and improving their wellbeing. At school, our freedom of speech is always encouraged through, for example, School Council (Student Voice) and the annual Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge.



The school expects and encourages respect from both students and staff towards everyone. We also organise events such as “One World Night”, where students (and teachers) from different cultures can come together and teach each other about their traditions and backgrounds. During our compulsory RE lessons, we also discuss different religious beliefs, types of family, gender and disabilities