Learning Resource Centre 

Library Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 3:50pm

Reading for Learning and Leisure

Feel free to visit the LRC where you can explore and discover what we have to offer! You will receive a warm welcome and find plenty of great resources to encourage you to use our department regularly. Visit us and enjoy our extensive range of books, use the computer suite, browse careers information or to complete your homework. The department is open before and after school for study, reading, research, relaxation and meeting friends.

Please explore our web pages where you will find a wide range of web links and ideas to support GCSE coursework, revision, research, KS3 literacy reading and reading for pleasure. 

Mission Statement

  • To encourage and support reading for study and leisure.
  • To provide resources for the taught curriculum and a broad knowledge base.
  • To stimulate ideas in cross-curricular issues, culture and citizenship.
  • To provide students with the facilities to investigate and make use of flexible learning techniques.
  • To encourage all students to become independent learners using a wide variety of sources.
  • To support the development of Information Literacy skills.
  • To provide a wide variety of learning resources.
  • To afford the maximum opportunity for all pupils to achieve their potential.
  • To provide an atmosphere within the LRC that is both inviting and welcoming.

Gaynes LRC offers an open-access, multimedia resource base to all staff and pupils in support of teaching and to enhance learning in school. Reading for pleasure is encouraged and a strong emphasis is placed on literacy and information retrieval skills. The resources are of the highest quality possible and carefully selected to provide the maximum opportunity for pupils to source their research requirements and literacy needs.

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