Transport for London All Stars Project

May 17th 2022



A select group of KS3 students, our TFL STARS Challenge Leaders are working with Transport for London to deliver a special project for everyone at Gaynes School to get involved with.

The main aims of this project are:

  1. To promote safe and responsible travel on the 370 bus as well as other TFL public transport services.
  2. To encourage active and sustainable travel such as walking and cycling.

To date our TFL STARS have been responsible for:

  1. Launching the project in assemblies for all year groups
  2. Travel notice board – Setting and updating regularly our Travel notice board
  3. Taking part in training opportunities and workshops on presentation skills, road safety and active travel preparation
  4. Attending the Travel Group meeting and feeding back finding to tutor groups
  5. Launching Road Safety Week in a second assembly to all year groups
  6. All students made a pledge as part of road safety week. TFL STARS ensured all pledges were displayed on our pledge wall for all to be celebrated.

Upcoming events

Active Travel Week: Monday 23rd May – Friday 27th May

  1. Assembly to launch Active Travel Week
  2. Creating an Active Travel Map with identified locations where students can be dropped off safely to walk.
  3. Step count challenge – Steps will be counted every morning. Prizes earned for those who walk the most.