Democracy in action at Gaynes School

May 16th 2022

Over the next two weeks, students at Gaynes School will have a real experience of democracy in action.

Last month, year ten students applied to be prefects and senior prefects. The process included writing a letter of application and a practical assessment which is based on a university selection task used by top universities. 6 students were selected as senior prefects – they will now go forward to stand in the student election for headgirl and headboy. Six more prefects were appointed.  The prefect team have represented the school at the year 8 parents’ evening and have started their weekly prefect duties.  Two more students were appointed as School Council conveners. 

The senior prefects will be campaigning for votes, telling the student body why they think they should be chosen to represent the students at the highest level.

Our candidates for headgirl are Jayma, Hawin and Olamide.  Standing for headboy are Ansah, Dylan and Alfie.