Stubbers- Prefect Trip

September 30th 2021

In September 2021, the prefect team went on a Leadership training course at Stubbers Adventure Centre.  The day started with a question and answer session with Mr Turner-Monk and Miss Smith about the role of the prefect and what we thought we brought to the role of the prefects.  We

We were split into two groups and set off to complete three physical challenges to develop our teamwork and communication skills.  These activities were paddle boarding, high ropes/rock climbing, and dirt boarding.

Some people within these groups had doubts because they, for example, do not particularly like heights. However, as a group we all helped encourage these people to take part and take the risk. With the support from one another, everyone learned to take risks and to trust each other, which allowed the group to bond together.

Since going on the trip, it has had a major positive effect on our confidence as a whole.  As part of our plenary, we discussed how the risk-taking skills we had developed during the day would help us in our weekly duties as prefects.

We are now willing to interact with other year groups whilst on our duty days. As a whole, we feel that the trip was a success as it allowed us to gain multiple new skills which can be used towards our role as Prefect, Senior Prefect, Head Boy, and Head Girl.


Leila and Solomon

Head Girl and Head Boy