Business Studies 

Course Description 

This subject demonstrates the real world of business to our students so that they gain a better understanding of how local, national and international economies work and how they impact on their lives now and in the future.

We aim to involve pupils in a variety of approaches and experiences, encouraging independence of thought yet also providing opportunities for our pupils to work in a co-operative manner, sharing ideas and developing communication skills through individual and group presentations, debates and discussions. There is a real emphasis on making the learning of concepts fun, interactive and visual. We use many mediums to give our students understanding of topics and this is also supported by well-designed resources and detailed schemes of work, ensuring that the specifications and learning criteria are met fully.

Our expectations

We expect students to participate fully in lessons by working together, and being prepared to present in front of the class.  It is also important that students read around the subject of Business through reading the news stories about the world of business, and by watching and listening to news broadcasts.

Students are expected to attempt one written homework on a weekly basis.

Edexcel GCSE:

The course is split into two main themes: Theme 1 – ‘Investigating Small Businesses’ and Theme 2 – ‘Building A Business’.

While studying the two themes of this course students will be introduced to the world of small businesses and will look at what makes someone a successful business person. They will find out how to develop an idea and spot an opportunity, and turn that into a successful business. Students will understand how to make a business effective and manage money. They will also see how the world around us affects small businesses and all the people involved.

Assessment components

Theme 1 (50%) Theme 2 (50%)
The questions will be a mixture of multiple choice, data response, short-answer, extended-writing and scenario-based questions
The questions will be a mixture of multiple choice, data response, short-answer, extended-writing and scenario-based questions

Main activities

All students must sit a half termly unit test that will be knowledge based accompanied by 3, 6- and 9-mark questions.  Within the teaching unit students will practise skills in structuring exam questions and these will be assessed as part of homework and/or classwork.

Evern half term students will complete an Enhancement Activity which will involve a mini investigation/ scenario and may be accompanied by a short presentation task as part of small group that will be assessed.

Why you should consider this subject for GCSE

Students should consider Business Studies if they are confident in communicating and explaining their ideas, thinking creatively and making decisions, working with numbers to solve business problems and, learning about the world of business through research and investigation, as well as through practical tasks.

Future Careers

The GCSE business course can help you prepare for further and higher education such as AS/A2 Levels and BTEC courses.  Students will become skilled in making decisions, being creative, solving problems, understanding finance, dealing with data, communicating and working as part of a team.  A GCSE Business course could lead to work in a business-related profession such as accountancy, law, marketing or the leisure and tourism industry.

Congratulations to the Year 11 students on achieving 66.7% grade 9 to 4

Congratulations to the Year 11 students on achieving 59% grade 9 to 4