Holocaust Testimonial

On Wednesday 20th of November, Year 9 listened to the testimony of Holocaust survivor Susie Barnett. She told us about how she was just a baby when Hitler fractured German society by marginalising certain groups. This Nazi regime had a huge impact on Susie’s life. From having a name given to her by the Nazis, to a father in a concentration camp, to never having experienced living with her whole family under the same roof.  Susie went on explaining how she and some of her other family members were torn from their home and what effect that still has on her today. Her message was that we need to stand together and not allow a prejudice against people to become a genocide.

Students feedback:

  • “It gave me a new way of thinking about the effect of WWII on people.”
  • “Soon there will be no survivors of the Holocaust left so it is important that we learn about this so we can tell the future generations.”
  • “It is important that we learn about the effects, the trauma and the aftermath for people who survived the Holocaust.”