Student Democracy in Action

On Friday 24th May, the students of Gaynes School took part in a paper ballot to elect their Head Girl and Head Boy. 

To be eligible to stand for election, students had to have been chosen as a Senior Prefect.  To get this far, students had already submitted a written application and participated in a practical teamwork assessment workshop, then been chosen to stand by the rest of the senior prefects.

Sebastian Antonio, Charlie Russell and Daragh Thomas stood for Head Boy.

Zara Ashraf, Hafssa Boumeraze and Lois Smith stood for Head Girl.

Students gave hustings speeches as assemblies to all year groups, with the final vote taking place at break and lunch on Friday.  The polling station was staffed by other senior prefects, following the same procedures for voting that are used in UK elections.

As well as allowing our students to choose their student representatives, this event is a part of our teaching of Citizenship and British Values.

 The results of the election will be announced after half term.