Senior Prefects Teamwork Training

On Monday 13 May, our team of newly selected senior prefects attended a leadership training day at Stubbers Adventure Centre.

The day began with individual character building activities such as high-wire walking, where students navigated a range of balancing challenges high in the air.  Some had to overcome their fear of heights.  This was followed by paddleboarding on the lake.

After lunch, the students were taken to the Lazer-Tag arena, where they had to work in teams to develop a strategy to protect their “president” – one student who must be hidden and guarded from the opposing team – who also had a strategy to find and kill the president!

Finally, students were given the task of building stable rafts using logs, barrels and rope.  The raft had to be big and strong enough to support the entire team, and be used for a raft race.  Students used their knowledge of science and technology to complete this task.

At the start of the day, the team were given an additional task – that by the end of the training, they had to select the six candidates from their team who would be going forward for election by the student body for Head Girl and Head Boy.  This is a part of our work to develop student leadership and democratic values.  Some students said that this was the hardest task of the day as all 14 senior prefects are exceptional students worthy of the roles.  Nonetheless, 6 names were presented at the end of the day.