Welcome to Year 8

Year 8 is an exciting and important year for all students. Having settled into life at secondary school last year, the focus this year is on developing maturity and independence in students’ learning.  The positive routines that were developed in Year 7 must now be embedded, allowing students to start working towards their GCSEs.  All students in Year 8 are seen as young adults, capable of making the right decisions about their behaviour and learning.

It is also important for students to have opportunities to develop as individuals, and they should be encouraged to try something new, such as by attending different extra-curricular clubs or by putting themselves forward in opportunities to represent the School.

Students at the school will be supported by a form tutor, who is the first point of contact and who will offer guidance and advice. I will be responsible for the learning and achievement for the year group, supported by other staff in the Year Care Team (YCT) who will be available to help students and parents with concerns, in particular with student welfare and well-being. There are many other staff at Gaynes who may have a role to play in supporting, for example our SEND department, with all staff working closely together so that students can achieve the best they possibly can.

Every student at Gaynes is expected to have high standards of themselves, and we expect students to work and behave in the appropriate manner, following the School’s Code of Conduct and ‘being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.’

We are keen to celebrate students’ achievements, successes and progress. Achievements will be congratulated with letters, certificates and prizes to recognise the high level of effort that students contribute to their learning and to the School.  Equally, sanctions are used where students fail to meet our expectations, with students made to take responsibility for their actions.  We ask that parents and carers work with us to support our students with this too.  Additionally, form groups will receive a ‘Bulletin’ weekly with updates on student and form achievement points.

Students are expected to have excellent attendance, be punctual, organised and prepared to learn, bringing the correct equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, diary, reading book and calculator) and resources to lessons, and ensuring that homework is completed regularly, accurately, neatly and on time.  In order to support this, parents, carers and form tutors are to check the student planners weekly, and parents and carers should be monitoring the completion of homework.  Homework clubs, with ICT facilities, are available for students outside of lesson time.

We are keen to involve parents and carers in the learning of their children, and believe that good communication and a strong home and school relationship is important in developing our students. There will be regular contact made by the School to keep parents and carers informed, both of positive events and of areas that require improvement to help to raise students’ achievements.

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance, and we will do our best to assist you.

I look forward to working alongside you this year to ensure every student’s success and would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.

Year 8

Key Stage Three Leader: Miss Guthrie, Deputy Headteacher

Year Care Team: Miss Smith

8G Form Tutor: Miss Caers
8Y Form Tutor: Miss Staab


Miss Guthrie
Achievement Team Leader