At Gaynes, we believe that geography students are the future solution to the world’s problems.

In today’s social, economic, environmental and political climates there are a plethora of current local and more global issues. Simply put, every aspect of these issues will boil down to geography and how we apply ourselves to make a difference. We will need the geographers of the future, to help us understand these issues, but also to be at the forefront in the combat of these issues.

Issues such as global warming and its effects on countries and regions, food, water and energy security, the degradation of land and soils from over-use and misuse, the spread of disease, the causes and consequences of migration, and the impacts of economic change on places and communities. These are just some of the challenges facing the next generation, which geographers must help solve.

Geography is taught across the school at KS3 and then as an option for GCSE (AQA).

Throughout their time at Gaynes, students will study a range of topics at a local, national, regional and global scale to broaden their knowledge and understanding of different places and issues in the world. Geography equips students with several transferable skills that they can use in other subjects and later in life.

All teachers in the department are subject specialists with a variety of different areas of interest. They all possess a broad knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject and are passionate believers in learning more about the world we live in. Current world events mean that geography is becoming ever more relevant to all.

Any queries about the subject should be directed to Mr Carver at the school.

Support for your learning

Below are listed just a few useful websites to both help students enhance their learning in Geography and to inform parents/carer’s of the national programme of study for Geography: