Mobile phones should be ‘off and away’ at all times, any phone seen or heard will be confiscated, this includes phones on display in shirt/blazer pockets.

Phones that are confiscated will be returned at the end of the school day in the first instance. Should there be a second occurrence in the same term a call will be made home with the requirement for a parent/carer to collect the phone on their child’s behalf.

The restriction is in place at all times while students are in the grounds of the school, this includes when students arrive and leave at the end of the day. Phones should be away before students enter the school grounds and not accessed until they have left the site.

Should students wish to use their phones at the end of the day to contact parents with any concerns or for collection arrangements following school based activities they need to ask a member of staff for permission.

School Uniform

The full uniform expectations are listed below:

All items should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

School Uniform Description Further Information
Blazer* Bottle Green Blazer – with pre- embroidered badge. Worn during the day, as well as to and from the school, unless directed otherwise by staff.


(Boys and girls)

Black, standard regular school type, full length


No jeans, washed grey, navy blue, corduroy, jean-like material, fashion trousers/leggings or shorts.  Trousers should be worn with a secure fit around the waist.

Belts should be black, demure and functional, no oversized buckles, clasps, studs, trimmings, not worn as fashion accessory.


(Girls only)

Bottle green, approximately knee length – with straight knife pleats (elasticated) or stitched pleats (fitted band) NO other pleat is allowed.

The skirts are to be worn no more than 5 cms above the knee, with the waist band worn at the waist.  Shirts are tucked into the waist band of the skirt.

Skirts must be worn to the knee and not shortened by either taking them up or rolling them up at the waist.


(Boys and girls)

white standard school shirt with a top button, worn with a tie and tucked in. Revere collar blouses are not allowed. The shirt should be tucked in and closed/buttoned/fastened at the neck.  Any polo-neck, T-shirt, vest or underwear worn underneath should not show or be visible through the shirt.  No designer shirts or girls fitted blouses.
School Tie* Green with single gold stripe in Years 7-9

Tie should be worn at appropriate length i.e. New tie the logo must be visible below the knot.

All ties must be worn to the waistband of skirt or trousers.

School Jumper

Sweatshirt – V neck bottle green with school badge may be worn with the winter uniform.

Cardigan/Pullover – plain black, long sleeved,

v-neck, waist length, no logos.


Socks/ Tights

(Girls only)

white ankle socks, or black opaque tights only.  Tights should be at least 40 denier and plain black with no pattern.

Knee high socks, leggings and black socks are NOT permitted.

No footless, patterned or fishnet tights, leggings or legwarmers, socks not to be worn with tights, leggings or legwarmers.  Socks cannot be knee length or trainer socks – ankle socks only.
Shoes Black leather only.  No boots, trainers, trainer style, plimsolls or suede shoes are allowed.

A plain design, no trimmings, no logos, no decorative buckles, no coloured laces or stitching, no labels, no tags, or other decorations.

No shoe/trainer cross footwear e.g. Prada.

Trainers, pump style or fabric shoes e.g. ‘Vans’/‘Air Force Ones’ or rugged hiking/work boots, ‘Dr Martens’  boots  or knee-length boots are not permitted.

Plain black ‘Dr Martens’ shoes and  ‘Kickers’ lace up shoes are permitted; however, all stitching must be black.

Coat / Jacket plain black, must not be worn inside the building.
Head Scarf Plain black (no pattern or logo) For religious reasons only.



Individual fashion statements such as extreme hair styles or unnatural colours are not permitted.

Only black or white hair accessories are allowed.

No decorative attachments to braids or extensions are to be worn in the hair.

Tram lines, shaved shapes in the hair or ‘bar codes’ in eyebrows are not permitted.

Visible makeup, lip gloss, mascara and eye shadow, false eye lashes, eye lash extensions, nail varnish, nail decorations, extensions and acrylics are not permitted.

Tinted or cosmetic contact lenses and decorative dental wear are not permitted.

No hoods, hats, caps or bandannas to be worn anywhere on the school site.


No jewellery except for one wrist watch

Earrings, nose studs, other forms of body piercing or visible tattoos are not permitted.

No accessories are to be worn around the neck, wrists, ankles or attached to clothing.

Large amounts of money and expensive personal effects should not be brought on site.

Gaynes School will not accept liability for any claim arising from theft, accidental loss or damage to personal effects, money, belongings or clothing whilst on the premises.

Mobile phones, personal stereos, MP3 players, pagers, computer games etc. must not be seen or heard on the school site.

Money should be kept in a purse or wallet. Confiscated items must be collected by a parent.


PE Kit
PE Tops*: White, with school logo and green trim.
Rugby Shirt – green and gold.
PE shorts*: White shadow striped shorts – for gymnastics and games.

Games skirt:

(Girls only)

(Kilt style) – bottle green.
PE bottoms*: Bottle green with white piping.
Socks*: Short white
Trainers: Sports trainers with non-marking soles.  Plimsolls/Converse/Van style shoes are not acceptable. Football boots for rugby and football (boys only).
Hockey socks long red – outdoor activities

All items marked with a * must be purchased from the school supplier


How to Order Uniform

Uniform purchased from the school supplier can only be ordered on-line at their website:

You can also contact them on;

Havering Schoolwear
160-162 Hornchurch Rd,
RM11 1QH

Telephone Number
01708 767890

Email Address:
General Enquiries –
Web Order –


Other Equipment Requirements

Students will also require the following books/equipment, which may be purchased from any retail outlet:

Collins Easy Learning French Dictionary
Collins Little Gem English Dictionary and Mini Thesaurus
Calculator – Casio FX-83 GT Plus (no other make please)
Geometry Set – Helix or any other reputable brand.