Within the month of May our students took part in the following activities:

  • The new Year 10 senior prefects spent a day at Stubbers Outdoor Education Centre bonding and developing as a team
  • Year 9 welcomed charity representatives from Hope for Havering, Women’s Aid and Homestart to assist them with their social action
  • Gaynes welcomed Branfil Primary school parents to observe their children during an ‘open’ drama lesson at Gaynes. They also listened to a short presentation from Mrs Robinson
  • Year 8 and 10 parents evenings took place
  • Gaynes took part in the Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out’ event at St Edwards – well done to Kiki who performed very well
  • Year 11 had their leavers assembly
  • Year 11 public exams started
  • Year 11 revision classes took place during May Half term
  • PSCHE topic covered were: anti – social behaviour, the Holy month of Ramadan, the effects of social media, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination, FGM, mental health week, revision technques, British values, social media, cyberbullying, self harm, STI’s, respecting diversity, gangs, smoking, voting in the UK,

Assembly topics covered were:

  • Managing anxiety, Democracy and British values

We visited the following places:

  • Year 10 Art class visited the Tate Gallery

Gaynes took part in sporting fixtures / events:

  • Havering Athletics trials (track)
  • Havering Athletics trials (field)
  • Havering indoor rowing trials
  • Year 7 and 8 ‘tape ball’ cricket tournament



  • Redden Court v Year 8 – lost 5–1 – Havering League semi final
  • Hallmead v Year 9 – lost 3-1 – Havering League semi final


  • Year 9/10 v Sanders – won



Within the month of April our students took part in the following activities:

  • Year 11 Art and photography exam took place
  • Year 11 students and their parents were invited to a ‘reaching your potential evening – with talks from Mr Johnson, CTL English and Mr Ekwalla CTL Maths
  • Year 5 pupils from Branfil Primary performed Hamlet for their parents after meeting Mrs Robinson
  • All of year 5 from Branfil competed a Maths challenge at Gaynes
  • PSHCE programme focused on topics such as Easter, self harm
  • Gaynes welcomed Year 5 from Branfil Primary school for a Maths Challenge day. The day was supported by Year 10 students from Gaynes
  • A class of year 9 pupils have chosen Homestart as their charity and received a talk from a charity representative. The other classes have chosen ‘Women’s Aid’ and ‘Hope for Havering’
  • Year 10 parents evening was held which was very succesful
  • Year 10/11 students were able to hear from South Essex College and the range of courses that are on offer across their campuses
  • Achievement assemblies recognized effort, achievement across all subjects as well as awarding Headteacher commendations


Assembly topics covered were:

  • Peer pressure
  • British values
  • Living a good life

We visited the following places:

Year 7- 9 visited the Harry Potter studios

Gaynes took part in sporting fixtures / events:

Indoor rowing trials took place

Gaynes indoor rowing squad were coached by the Havering team manager in preparation for the Havering Schools competition



Royal Liberty v Year 8 – won 5–2

Marshalls Park v Year 8 – won

Emerson v Year 9 – won 2-1

Abbs Cross v Year 9  – won 4-3

Harris v Year 9 – won 5-0

Sanders v Year 9 – won



Within the month of March our students took part in the following activities:

  • Our transition links with Branfill Primary school were further strengthened by Maths CTL Mr Ekwalla teaching Year 5 every Friday
  • Year 5 from Branfil continued to have their drama lessons at Gaynes every week taught by Ms Staab and Mr Turner Monk. Mr Clarke is also teaching PE to Year 5 every week at Branfil
  • Year 9 had 2 weeks of GCSE ‘taster’ lessons as part of their options process for Year 10 / 11 courses
  • Gaynes celebrated National School Careers week with each subject teaching pupils about careers available. Assemblies this week focused on a range of pathways and choices available post 16
  • PSHCE programme focused on topics such as fair trade, knife crime, FGM, anti – social behaviour, options, stress and worries, healthy living, fake news, friendship, autism
  • Year 10 / 11 had the opportunity to attend at Apprenticeship event at Hallmead school
  • World Book day was celebrated at Gaynes. All English staff were dressed as their favourite character from a book of their choice. Displays around the school showed staff and students reading. Gaynes pupils also enjoyed exciting assemblies and workshops run by a poet / creative writer
  • Queens College, Cambridge University visited Gaynes and presented to Year 11/10 students detailing application procedures and explaining University life
  • Year 11 students completed their practical Physical Education and Drama moderation and exams respectively
  • Year 11 completed a set of internal assessments across all subject areas in preparation or GCSE exams
  • Year 9 attended sexual health workshops
  • Year 10 prefect applications were invited


Assembly topics covered were:

  • National school careers week
  • Fulfilling your potential
  • Developing your identity
  • Healthy relationships
  • Easter

We visited the following places:

Year 9/10 Houses of Parliament trip organised and by History

Year 9 trips to the Mosque in Barking as part of GCSE RE

Year 7-10 pupils went to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London’s West End

Gaynes took part in sporting fixtures / events:

Year 11 netball tournament held at Sacred Heart

Year 10 netball tournament held at Sacred Heart

Year 9 netball tournament held at Hornchurch High



St Edwards v Year 8 – won 5–2

Abbs Cross v Year 8 – won 3-0

Sanders v Year 10 – lost 3-1