Gaynes Success at the District Athletics

The Havering District Athletics event took place on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 at Hornchurch Stadium.  Our pupils all competed to the best of their ability and also behaved impeccably representing our school with pride.  Firstly, congratulations to all pupils who took part in the event, it was an amazing day and all students should be proud of the way they represented themselves and their families.  Achieving a number of 2nd and 3rd places across the day in a variety of events such as Javelin, Shot Put & 100m.  The sportsmanship, determination and courage shown by all pupils was outstanding.  Gaynes students congratulated others, cheering their teammates on and acted like true professional athletes.

We had two stand out performer of the day who deserve a special mention Robyn and Daragh.  Robyn won the year 10 300m Girls race, she showed fantastic athleticism to beat her opponents in challenging conditions.  Robyn also took part in the Javelin throwing a distance of (25m) to achieve second place.  Daragh also entered 2 events the year 9 Boys high jump and 300m race.  He came (Third & fifth) respectively, setting a new school record in the 300m.  Daragh also supported the team throughout the whole day, he cheered them on and demonstrated Olympic sportsmanship by helping a girl finish her race, motivating her through the pain barrier.

Two other notable achievements of the day were Lenny who scored points for Gaynes in both of his events (100m & Javelin).  The year 7 girls came 4th overall for their year group against all the other schools, they also came 3rd in the 4x100m relay.  This was a really promising performance for our future year 8 students and new legacy of athletes at Gaynes school.

Results are as follows:

Name Year Event Place
Maude 7 High Jump Third
Adeshewa 7 Shot Second

Taliya, Abena,

Maude, Nana

7 4 x 100m Third
Lenny Asamoah 7 Long Jump Second
Adam Babalola 8 Shot Third
Adam Babalola 8 100m Second
Malcolm 9 100m Third
Aalihya 9 100m Third
Daragh 9 300m Third
Roelof 9 Shot Second
Fathia 9 Shot Third
Tyron 10 100m Third
Robyn 10 300m First
Robyn 10 Javelin Second
Victoria 10 Shot Third

Well done to all students and staff involved in this amazing day.  You all did yourselves proud and were fantastic and represented the school with pride. I look forward to next year where we will hopefully improve and compete with even greater heights of success.