Branfil Primary school – collaboration

Just before the Easter break, Gaynes and Branfil Primary school completed our latest collaboration by inviting parents of Branfil pupils into Gaynes to watch an ‘open’ Drama lesson. Parents were able to see their children take on character roles from Hamlet and explore the text with great success. This rounded off 7 weeks of Year 5 drama lessons at Gaynes.

As well as this, Mr Clark has been teaching PE to Year 5 and Mr Ekwalla, CTL for Maths, has been teaching Year 5 challenging maths topics every Friday.

All of year 5 from Branfil Primary school also spent the best part of a day at Gaynes working through maths problems and challenges under the guidance of the Gaynes maths department. The day was a great success with certificates awarded for participation effort and excellence. Well done to all and we look forward to the next event with Branfil.

Mr Griffen